New Balance 247 Women’s

Product details If there is a shoe that you find yourself reaching for most of the time before you walk out the door, it is usually the one that is simple, comfortable and has great style. Designed to fulfill this purpose, the New Balance 247 women’s is here to keep up with your demanding life […]

Skechers D'Lites Sneaker

Product details The D’Lites has shared highly positive feedbacks from its users, including those with different sorts of foot problems. It helps them walk around for long hours more comfortably while supporting the feet and ankles and helping hips and back stay in good positions. User are grateful to find such a shoe that make […]

Skechers Synergy Look Book Walking Shoe

Product details The Synergy Look Book features a sporty look with basic color tones in black, white and grey. The walking shoe is built with solid comfy features and with great flexibility and breathability from its memory foam insole, supportive and shock absorbing midsole, and flexible sole with good traction. It is not built as […]

New Balance WL555 Sneaker

  Product details The New Balance 555 is generally a comfy and good looking casual shoe, as many buyers found out. A user wore the new shoe straight away on a trip, through airports and buses. A mother wore the shoe everyday chasing two toddlers. They both found the shoe comfortable right out of the […]

Newton Running Kismet II

Product details The new Kismet II is built so well, giving runners different running experience that they cannot go back to other shoes! It is comfortable and can stop you from getting hurt. Users with morton’s neuroma also finds the shoe help relieve the pressure on the nerve that causes the pain. With overlays and […]

Newton Running AHA II

Product details The Newton Running AHA II offers intelligent control for all foot types. It works with your feet to improve their running form to the more efficient midfoot/forefoot running style. It forces you to land and strike more naturally and correctly. The AHA II does more than cater to normal feet. To those who […]

Newton running LADY ISSAAC S

Product details The NEWTON LADY ISSAAC S offers intelligent control for all foot types. It works with your feet to improve their running form to the more efficient midfoot / forefoot running style. It forces you to land and strike correctly. Users may slow down in the beginning, but overtime it creates efficiency and compensate […]

Newton Fate II

Product details Many runners love the shoe, remarking on its balance between a lightweight trainer and a stable shoe. People wear them for daily running, for marathon training on various elevated road surfaces, or for daily fitness walking. The shoe can deal with uneven ground, daily abuse and wear, and still stay kind to the […]

Newton Running Motion V

Product details The Motion V is ideal for high mileage endurance training and racing. The most exciting feature of the shoe is that it means that the user no longer has to compromise speed for comfort and stability. The Motion V features Newton’s EMB (extended medial bridge) platform which offers more functional support for runners […]

Newton Running Distance VI vs Newton Running DISTANCE V

Product details For those who have known or had Distance V, Distance VI will create a new level of excitement to be shared between your feet and the shoe. The company introduces Newtonium™ to Distance VI. This is a new cushioning package, which is 52% more responsive than the standard one. The well-known POP1 comes […]