Newton Running AHA II

Newton Running AHA II
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  • The shoe is designed for all foot types.
  • It is a great way to run effectively on the balls of the feet, away from heels.
  • It assists you to enjoy running longer, more easily and can produce faster times.
  • The cushioning is quite responsive, making the shoe a pleasure to run in.
  • Users with various foot health issues highly appreciate the shoe.
  • For non-runners, the shoe is also great for walking and keeping the feet cool.
  • The shoe also works well with bodywork and running on the treadmill. The POP3 feels good to squat, dead-lift and complete a full body workout
  • It is money worthy. Uses love the changes the shoe can make.


  • The padding for ankle might not be enough
  • Sufficient traction in light rain, but some runners feel slippery during the heavy rain.

Product details

The Newton Running AHA II offers intelligent control for all foot types. It works with your feet to improve their running form to the more efficient midfoot/forefoot running style. It forces you to land and strike more naturally and correctly. The AHA II does more than cater to normal feet. To those who have feet or knee problems, it is the shoe to go with for you to re-find the strength and pleasure of running. Some users who experience ITBS and had patellar tracking issues due to poor foot strike and long strides find this shoe a great saver, helping them re-train and strengthen feet. For users who had a knee replacement surgery, they are also impressed by the comfy running experience brought by this shoe. One user recovering from Morton’s Neuroma, which used to be so bad that daily walking became a problem, chose this shoe and can run and do bodywork comfortably again!

Size and fit

The shoe provides a roomy toe box. Users might need to size up another half size from their street shoe size.

Outsole/ Midsole

The AHA II is not just light but also durable. Thanks to its. S.H.A.R.C. (super high abrasion rubber compound) outsole composite, users find that after 150 + miles, the shoe is quite durable without signs of excessive wear. Action/Reaction Technology, the secret to boost your running economy, specifically in the forefoot and heel, absorbs shock in the heel and releases energy in the toes. The EVA midsole provides excellent cushioning underfoot. The POP3 foam-backed lugs in the forefoot brings you softer ride.


The shoe uses a one-piece seamless engineered mesh upper. It is stretchable and gives a 360 degree reflectivity as well as good breathability, giving your feet the best comfort and avoiding stiffness.


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