New Balance WL555 Sneaker

New Balance WL555 Sneaker
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  • It is casual and comfy for walking, and fashionable for wearing at work or shopping or out on a date.
  • It is money worthy as the shoe is very versatile.
  • It has a very laid back look when worn with jeans.
  • Users like it as it is not too sporty looking.
  • The shoe accommodates wide and flat feet nicely.
  • The double-side insoles have multiple uses.
  • Good for weight lifting.


  • Some users find the shoe doesn’t have much arch support.
  • Users don’t suggest using the shoe for running due to the thin bottom.
  • The shoe is a bit shallow as it has the double-sided insole which pushes the feet higher towards the top. Some
  • people tried their own orthopedic foot insoles and it worked out perfectly.


Product details

The New Balance 555 is generally a comfy and good looking casual shoe, as many buyers found out. A user wore the new shoe straight away on a trip, through airports and buses. A mother wore the shoe everyday chasing two toddlers. They both found the shoe comfortable right out of the box.

The shoe is constructed with suede and fabric. It is a great mix for its vintage look. It is not the type of ‘shining appearance” sneaker and it does get little dirty over time; however, the dirt does not stand out, but blends in.

A user finds out that by using a spray like Scotchgard, she can protect the shoe from sudden rain. The sneaker comes in black, grey, cream, blue and red colors, etc. It is highly versatile and its feminine and delicate outline will make most casual outfits look great!


This low profile shoe runs small and a bit narrow, especially for users with wide feet. Users tend to go up half to one size. A user who wears 61/2 W ordered 7W and it fitted nicely. With the right size, sometimes the shoe may appear to fit snuggly, but it is still comfy as the shoe is softly cushioned and be adjusted with lacing.


The upper is made of fabric and suede, giving a layered texture and featuring the iconic “N” logo on the sides. The shoe’s design can accommodate wider feet comfortable without making them look big.

Midsole/ outsole

The shoe comes with a rubber sole and a reversible memory-top insert. One side is like a regular insole and the other is soft foamy nubs that make it feel like walking on air. It wraps the feet in a lovely cushion with no stress on any point



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