Newton Running Kismet II

Newton Running Kismet II
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  • Very stable, comfortable feel and great look!
  • Runners feel that their feet haven’t been supported so well before! Their performance increases too!
  • Many users feel that running related ailments have almost disappeared!
  • People feel they are running farther and faster than they have in a long time!
  • Knee/ankle pain associated with long runs has been remarkably diminished!
  • The shoe is breathable and has great flexibility.
  • Runners feel the POP2 technology at the bottom takes the pounding of the ground away from the feet.


  • Some users feel the soles wear a little quickly.
  • It runs about 1 full size smaller than regular running shoes.

Product details

The new Kismet II is built so well, giving runners different running experience that they cannot go back to other shoes! It is comfortable and can stop you from getting hurt. Users with morton’s neuroma also finds the shoe help relieve the pressure on the nerve that causes the pain.

With overlays and the extended medial bridge, the shoe offers a wider platform for runners who need more stability. Its more breathable upper and metatarsal stretch panels help the shoe better accommodate the shape of the feet. With the peppy, responsive kick and ample cushioning in the forefoot and heel, users feel that they can just keep running.

Size and fit

The Kismet II runs smaller. Some users feel a little snugger in the toe box but are still comfy. Some people chose to order another half size up from their normal shoes. The shoe then provides enough toe area, which is good to help avoid blisters when you are running longer distances. Runners with wide feet are very satisfied with the shoe as it does not need to break in. They put on the shoes right out of box and ran without ever getting a hot spot, blister or blackened toenail.

Outsole/ Midsole

The secret to boost your running economy is the Action/Reaction Technology deployed in the midfoot and heel It absorbs shock in the heel and releases energy in the toes. To enhance its excellent cushioning underfoot, the shoe uses a high rebound EVA midsole. This also ensures that the cushioning has a longer lifespan.The well known 5-lug POP2 allows users a smoother ride.


The Kismet II comes with upgraded material. New seamless upper with open-weave mesh and no-sew overlays make your feet feel great with conformity and breathability. The enhanced metatarsal stretch panels and additional strapping can wrap the feet better while keep them flexible.

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