Newton running LADY ISSAAC S

Newton running LADY ISSAAC S
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  • The shoe is designed for all foot types.
  • It is a great way to run effectively on the balls of the feet, away from heels.
  • It assists you to enjoy running longer and more easily and can produce faster times -It gives good stability and support to feet and ankles.
  • Users in their mid 50s enjoy the shoe too!
  • For non-runners, the shoe is also great for walking and keeping the feet cool.
  • Users with various foot health issues highly appreciate the shoe.
  • It is money worthy. Uses love the changes the shoe can make.


  • Users try and like this shoe and find it hard to go back to wearing other regular running shoes.
  • Some runners find the shoe is a bit heavy and not breathable after long run.
  • There are couple complaints about the inadequate arch support

Product details

The NEWTON LADY ISSAAC S offers intelligent control for all foot types. It works with your feet to improve their running form to the more efficient midfoot / forefoot running style. It forces you to land and strike correctly. Users may slow down in the beginning, but overtime it creates efficiency and compensate by allowing longer and easier runs. People who used it for a couple of weeks notice that it has eased their glute and hip pain. Some runners use the shoe as a variation for their marathon training runs. A consumer suffering from bad knee pains from tracking issues switched her shoes from Asics to LADY ISSAACS S. She felt no knee pain in half-marathon. It took her four months to get used to this shoe but she is so excited to come back running again.

Size and fit

The shoe provides a roomy toe box. Users might need to size up another half size from their street shoe size.

Outsole/ Midsole

The shoe’s carbon rubber outsole with traction tread increases durability. The beveled heel and toe helps guide runners easily into the midfoot/forefoot. The high-rebound EVA midsole ensure the light and flexible cushioning stays much longer and remains durable. The midfoot support chassis adds stability while medial posting offset pronation. The pronation control has been appreciated by runners in the longer runs. The shoe with the structure and design make users stay comfortable, and has helped runners increase speed and form.


The shoe uses highly-breathable closed mesh. The feet can stay cool and avoid swelling after long run. The slip-proof laces and heel-securing double eyelets along with metatarsal stretch panel can give feet the needed adjustment.

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