Newton Fate II

Newton Fate II
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  • The shoe is designed for all foot types.
  • It is lightweight and comfortable
  • For users who trying out various shoe brands, the Fate II is amazingly different.
  • It assists you to enjoy running further and more easily
  • It is a great way to run effectively on the balls of the feet, away from the heels.
  • It gives good stability and support to the feet and ankles.
  • For non-runners, the shoe is also great for walking and keeping the feet cool.
  • It is great for hours of fitness walking
  • Users with various foot health issues highly appreciate the shoe.
  • It is money worthy. Users love the changes the shoe can make.


  • A user found her shoe developed a squeak in her shoe, especially noticeable in a rainy day.

Product details

Many runners love the shoe, remarking on its balance between a lightweight trainer and a stable shoe. People wear them for daily running, for marathon training on various elevated road surfaces, or for daily fitness walking. The shoe can deal with uneven ground, daily abuse and wear, and still stay kind to the feet. Some users with decades of running experience can feel the big change, as they have far less post run stiffness and it helps keep them away from knee or leg issues. The shoe enables them to enjoy running again.

Size and fit

The shoe is true to size. Some users are in between sizes and find it fits well to go up to the next 1/2 size. Users find the toe box design is great for the right amount of space in the front foot.

Outsole/ Midsole

The secret to boosting your running economy, the Action/Reaction Technology deployed in the midfoot and heel, absorbs shock in the heel and releases energy in the toes. To enhance its excellent cushioning underfoot, the shoe uses a high rebound EVA midsole to ensure the cushioning lasts throughout repetitive uses With a peppy, responsive kick and ample cushioning in the forefoot and heel, the feet are better controlled and more comfortable in each stride. The well known POP2 design offers a great introduction to Newton’s Action/Reaction Technology. The beveled lugs allow users a smoother ride through each race.


The shoe uses highly-breathable mesh to keep the feet stay cool and avoid swelling after a long run. The upgraded new seamless upper with open-weave mesh and no-sew overlays provides overall fit and comfort. The new upper is stretchable and gives more room. Some users happily feel the changes as the Fate II is less tight on the top of their feet during running The very-needed flexibility also enables the feet to stretch better and cope well with different road surfaces.

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