PUMA Suede Classic

Product details The Puma Suede Classic delivers an old school look, and is the most well-known and popular of all Puma shoes. PUMA first lit a fire under culture’s keister with the Suede silhouette in 1968. It hit new levels of fame during the ’80s dawn of b-boys and hip hop beats, taking over New […]

New Balance 928v2 Walking Shoe

Product details The 928v2 has placed lots of cushioning and adopted shock absorption tech in and around the shoe. This new version is built for all-day walking comfort. For wide feet or the flat feet, or for those who have foot issues, these walking shoes provide the very needed support, stability, cushioning. They are a […]

New Balance 847v2 Walking Shoe

Product details The New Balance 847v2 is a great walking shoe capable of looking after your feet, especially when long hours of walking is required. It has tons of cushioning and padding. Some wearers use it for exercise, walking for 7 or 9 miles a day. Some people wear it at work, in warehouse, for […]

New Balance WW813

Product details The New Balance 813 has more to offer for its long-time users. As a newer version of the very-loved 812, this health walking shoe retains a smooth ride with good motion control. It applies more supportive cushioning of a lightweight foam midsole. Around the shoe, there is the plush comfort of a soft […]

New Balance 608v4

Product details For users who wear their shoes heavily and who need to walk a lot for work, the shoe is a blessing. This newest generation of the classic 608 trainer features better cushioning and additional outsole flex grooves for more flexibility. It provides a comfy experience, no matter whether it is walking up and […]

Lacoste Mokara Sneaker

Product details The lace-up leather sneaker features pin-dot perforations with glossy stripe overlays and a design of heel with an embossed brand name. These detailings adds a twist of sport in the smooth silhouette. This popular Lacoste Mokara has released many new colorways over time. The latest one has the shoe all in one color, […]

Lacoste Explorateur Sport 117 Sneaker

Product details The Explorateur men’s low-rise sneaker provides you with an everyday classic sneaker. It ticks the two main boxes, stylish and sporty. It combines influences from RenĂ©’s original 1963 tennis shoe. The sneaker of minimal lines expresses a sporty and urban lifestyle. Under the smooth look, the shoe has built in a cupsole, which […]

Keds Champion Originals Canvas Sneaker

Product details Most users like its classic and casual style that the shoes look great with skirts, skinny jeans and leggings. The shoes fit well for those with narrow or bunion-laden feet. Some users with wide feet think the sole is a bit narrow. The shoes provides high level of comfort. Some said they feel […]

Keds Triple Decker Metallic Canvas Slip on

Product details These women’s slip-ons are cute and simple with attractive metallic colors. To a lot of people’s eyes, the metallic colors, silver, gold and navy, are gorgeous; they come with a nice shimmer, not big shiny freckles. The gold one, for example, has a brushed style finish. It is rather tasteful and they are […]

Keds Triple Metallic Canvas Sneaker

Product details The Triple Metallic are nice and simple lace-up canvas shoes, with eye-catching metallic colors and a triple deckle platform rubber outsole. It is a step further than a basic sneaker and you do not need to pay too much for these canvas shoes, unlike some leather ones. Among the colors, the gold is […]