Keds Triple Decker Metallic Canvas Slip on

Keds Triple Decker Metallic Canvas Slip on
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  • They have nice metallic colors to choose from.
  • Lovely metallic effects
  • The shoe is cushioned and comfy to wear.
  • They are of good quality with good price.
  • The slip-on looks good with feminine twist.
  • The platform outsole offers extra height, but still looks good.
  • The shoe gets lots of compliments for you.


  • The shoe runs narrow to many people with standard medium width feet.
  • The shoe is not recommended for long walking if your feet are wider, as the shoe doesn’t stretch too much further.

Product details

These women’s slip-ons are cute and simple with attractive metallic colors. To a lot of people’s eyes, the metallic colors, silver, gold and navy, are gorgeous; they come with a nice shimmer, not big shiny freckles. The gold one, for example, has a brushed style finish. It is rather tasteful and they are also easy going in matching with summer outfits.

Another “highlight” of the shoe is its thick platform outsole. The textured outsole is a popular one among Ked shoes. It makes the shoe looks sporty, adding an extra one inch of height without appearing out of place at all, like some shoes can do. Inside the shoe there is a special insole to provide cushioning under the feet. With these design and comfort features combined, the shoe is a good deal at the price!

However, when it comes to beauty, the shoe does need a bit more attention. Clean the stain or dirt spot instead the whole shoe when necessary; or give a gentle wipe without throwing in washing machine.


Theses shoes are generally true to size. They are comfy shoes to some and not that comfy to some, as the shoe runs narrow. It is worth spending a bit of time to break them in before you take the shoe for long walking. Some wearers spent 3 or 4 days of constant wearing to get them comfy. Put some anti-friction block on to avoid the back of the heel rubbing against the shoe. The shoe can hug the feet snugly. Some users do find this shoe is good for several hours, but not for all day wearing as their feet can swell at the end of the day.

Upper / midsole / outsole

The canvas uppers come in metallic colors with nice finishes. The stretchy bands on the sides can stretch with the feet when walking. The slip-on design is very handy for wearing it in one sec! Inside the shoe there is a cushioned insole for extra support. The lining is soft and breathable, so you can wear the shoe quite comfortably without socks. The textured rubber outsole is light and flexible.

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