Lacoste Mokara Sneaker

Lacoste Mokara Sneaker
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  • They look great in white leather, as well as all the other colors.
  • A classic white shoe to go with anything
  • Very light and breathable for summer shoes
  • Excellent walking shoes
  • Look great with just a pair of jeans
  • The material doesn’t scuff easily
  • Comfy to wear without socks too.
  • Well-constructed with good price point


  • The only downfall of this shoe is the shoe rubs a bit around the front foot. Hence some users do not use this shoe for all day walking.
  • A user found his shoe unglued after wearing them for two months.
  • Some buyers find the brown one looks more red brown or burgundy in color  instead of the dark brown shown on photos.

Product details

The lace-up leather sneaker features pin-dot perforations with glossy stripe overlays and a design of heel with an embossed brand name. These detailings adds a twist of sport in the smooth silhouette. This popular Lacoste Mokara has released many new colorways over time. The latest one has the shoe all in one color, white or black, in a monochrome look

For a lot of users, this shoe is functional with excellent quality. They use the shoe for causal wearing, on Friday nights, or whenever they don’t feel for running shoes and want to just slip on something. It feels smooth, comfy, and has a good style that fits almost with everything in daily wearing.


The shoe generally fits as expected. The shoe has an easy-to-tie lace structure with metal eyelets for a personalized fit. Some users also find it fits even better by putting their own inserts to provide their own arch support.

The only downfall of the shoe is that, to some wearers with wider feet, it can feel a bit narrow in the frontfoot area. It doesn’t make the shoe uncomfortable, but it might not be suitable for long hours of walking.

Upper / Midsole/ outsole

The low-profile shoe combines both leather and suede in its uppers. The design of perforations and a breathable interior make it a good summer sneaker.

The shoe’s thick outsole offers firm support and still looks thin; it is flexible and minimizes tensile stress for feet.

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