Vans Unisex Old Skool (Speckle Jersey) Skate Shoe

Vans Unisex Old Skool (Speckle Jersey) Skate Shoe
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  • The shoe is very comfortable and casual.
  • The shoe is so much cuter in person with very gorgeous colors.
  • It is very versatile with clothing.
  • It is good for every day wear.
  • The shoe is well-made and long-lasting.
  • It is affordable.
  • It is a casual but stylish shoe that gets compliments for you.
  • It weathers well.


  • Some people have found that the shoe can take a while to give a perfect fit.
  • To some users, the heel of the shoe is a little hard. They had to wear a band-aid on each heel the first few times when wearing the shoe to avoid blisters.

Product details

These shoes are great kicks! The Old Skool selection features a low top, lace-up, textile upper, reinforced toecaps to combat repeated wear and padded collars for support and flexibility. The iconic sidestripe on each side of the shoe tells everyone the history behind it. With the new color of Speckle Jersey, the style gives a laidback, light, fluffy candy cotton feel to the look of footwear.

They serve their purpose well and consumers feel the money was well spent.

Style and fit

The Speckle Jersey Old Skool runs true to size and with nice toe room for wide feet. Some people who have trouble with other similar canvas sneakers usually feel comfy with Vans shoes. This unisex shoe is comfy, stylish, all in  all and it is money- worthy.

The shoe is extremely versatile in terms of styling as most people have found out. They look great with most people’s favorite skinny jeans!

Outsole / midsole

As skateboarders have proven, the shoe does fit well, grip well and last long. The shoe features a signature waffle rubber outsole.

The construction technique used to make the shoes, Vulcanizing, makes the shoe very resistant and durable, so the quality lasts for a long time. The padded collars with triple-stitching and die-cut EVA insert offer support and flexibility.

To some people it may take two or three days to break in the heel and sole, but after that it is very comfy and people love it. Besides, the classic shoe has a good reputation of lasting for years before it gives up, and it does not show a lot of wear and tear after it is worn for a while.


The shoe presents an excellent mix of it colors and style. The durable canvas colors of fresh light blue or grey, making it effortlessly fit into your changing styles. The reinforced toecaps can withstand repeated wear.

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