Vans SK8-Hi Slim Vs Regular

Vans SK8-Hi Slim Vs Regular
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  • The SK8-Hi shoe is very comfy, supportive and stylish.
  • The shoe is durable and supportive.
  • The shoe makes both wide feet and narrow feet look good and feel good.
  • People who need to stand for a long time at work also love the shoe.
  • The shoe is very stylish; it will get you lots of compliments.
  • People love wearing them all day and they go well with everything.
  • The Slim one is so cute that female customers will fall in love with the shoe as soon as they try them on.


  • All high-top shoes can be hard to put on in the beginning
  • It bothers some people that the shoe dye can bleed onto the lace.

Product details

SK8-Hi regular is sturdy, comfy and good looking and many people have fallen in love with it. The slim version ignites an even more exciting passion, especially to the female shoppers. They love the cute shoe and color combos and wear them almost every day.

Style and fit

The SK8-Hi runs true to size and with nice toe room for wide feet. Besides the lace-up style, the SK8-Hi also comes in Sk8-Hi Slim Zip. It has a zip on the back of the heel to make it easy to get your feet in and off the shoe.

With the addition of the Slim, the SK8-Hi also wins over lots of fans from converse. Some are not too happy with the converse shoes they had, so they try Vans SK8-Hi, and they love it.

Some are not sure about wearing a hi-top shoe before. They also try and they love it!

Some are very particular with the sort of canvas shoe they want, they try and they love Vans SK8-Hi, because it is supportive, it makes the top of the feet not flat, and it is the shoe you can wear with everything.

Outsole / midsole

The shoe features a signature waffle rubber outsole. The Slim ones also have a light gum outsole available to choose from. It is very resistant and durable, and the quality lasts long! The padded collars also offer support and flexibility. So many people feel satisfied with their newly-bought SK8-Hi, as they skate in them a lot but they do not show a lots of wear and tear.


The SK8-Hi features two different uppers, sturdy canvas and suede, which offers various looks to fit into your changing styles. The re-enforced toecaps can withstand repeated wear. For users who have owned the shoes for years, they are truly happy with both their old and new shoes. They keep the old ones for wearing around the house, because they are still comfy!

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