Taos Star Women’s fashion sneakers

Taos Star Women’s fashion sneakers
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  • -The arch support is excellent, far better than average.
  • -Stylish, super cute and go well with anything.
  • -A handy and comfy travel shoe
  • -Users with high arch also find it a saver!
  • – A stylish shoe between too dressy and too athletic
  • -Removable footbed.
  • -Users on their feet all day at work love the shoe.
  • -The cute shoe gets lots of compliments.


  • -The shoe’s thread may not grip very well when climbing on slippery slopes.
  • -Some people the shoelaces are too much, nearly covering the top of the shoe.
  • -The khaki color is darker that on the photos, and more like military khaki-drab color.
  • -Some users find the footbed a bit too thin and needs extra insoles for walking on gravel or pebble surfaces.

Product details

The Taos Star, in a nutshell, is freaking amazing to so many of its users. These women’s canvas shoes give you the style and also avoid the pain from long hours of walking or standing.

No matter you are one of the people with plantar fasciitis or have spent so much money and time looking for a shoe to wear for your long-shift work, the Taos Star is a saver to them, without costing you an arm and a leg.

A majority of users also enjoy its simple canvas style. Besides work and travel, the shoe certainly goes with everyday life for running errands, hanging out with friends or walking dogs.

As some wearers find out the shoe is more suitable in the Fall, or for cooler days, not so much for scouring summer days if your feet sweat a lot. Overall, this is a decent go-to shoe that fits well and looks good for daily wear.

The Star has a wide collection of colors. Many of its happy customers keep buying more after their first pair. If you are after a leather shoe, The Taos Freedom is the similar model to look at. It has at a slightly higher price and also comes with excellent arch support.  



The shoe runs slightly small. Many wearers ordered a half size up. The shoe lining is soft and can be worn sockless too.


Upper /Midsole/ outsole

The shoe comes in washed canvas upper and cushioned footbed . Users feel the weight and pressure on the foot has been evenly distributed when walking in the shoe. The only noticeable downfall is the shoe’s sole. The outsole and footbed are not thick enough and some wearers feel pressure on feet when walking on pebble or gravel roads. It can be greatly improved by adding another insole in the shoe.

Some users also find the shoe’s traction is not enough when climbing on slippery slopes.

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