Newton Running Gravity VI vs Newton Running Gravity V

Newton Running Gravity VI vs Newton Running Gravity V
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  • The shoe is designed for all foot types.
  • The Distance VI is more responsive with more extended cushioning.
  • It is light and responsive enough to handle speedwork and racing.
  • It is a good shoe for competitive running, training, and triathlon too!
  • The shoe holds very well and still looks good after months of mileages on them.
  • Users are very happy with very little or no feet fatigue or knee issues after long runs.
  • The Gravity VI costs a bit, but is money worthy.


  • The price of Gravity VI is higher among other Newton shoes.
  • The Gravity VI may not be the first choice for uses who haven’t converted to the mid/forefoot strike running. The AHA II, the FATE II or the Motion V may be a better start with lower cost.

Product details

For those who have known or had Gravity V, Gravity VI is an exciting up-level sneaker to be enjoyed by your feet. The company introduces Newtonium™ to Gravity VI. The new cushioning package is 52% more responsive than the standard one. The well-known The Gravity VI is visually bulkier. The lugs of its well-known POP1 are bigger and stiffer in the forefoot, and therefore create a very responsive spring. The new improved upper, a more stretchable and breathable mesh can keep the feet ventilated. With the seamless design, uses are quite happy to wear the shoe without socks! Those who are addicted to natural running will enjoy the more powerful and effortless running experience brought by the new Distance VI.

Size and fit

The shoe is generally true to size. The shoe is good with or without socks. User can wear a thin pair of socks without feeling cold as well.

Outsole/ Midsole

Compared to Gravity V, the VI features an new change in all 2017 POP1 shoes, the Newtonium foam cushioning. Good news to those who enjoy wearing the Gravity V sockless. The VI provides more responsive cushioning closer to the foot. Users can have a good feel of the ground beneath, but the sole has enough protection to keep you riding smoothly.  Both the Distance V and VI have 3.0 mm of drop, which contributes to the shoe’s light weight and is best for Neutral feet.


The Gravity VI, as with its previous model, uses highly-breathable mesh to keep the feet stay dry and avoid swelling after a long run. The seamless upper provides overall fit and comfort. It can be worn with or without socks. Some users noticed that the Gravity VI has improved lining as their feet still stay dry after they run through snow.

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