Katy Perry The Peace Sneaker

Katy Perry The Peace Sneaker
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  • The shoe is fun and expressive.
  • The shoe easily fits in with most styles, bringing a bit of stardom taste.
  • The shoe lightens up overall style easily and instantly
  • The heart-sign statement work as a chat starter for you.
  • It is inexpensive.
  • It is a easy-to-slip in sneaker
  • It is made with quality nappa leather for comfort.


  • The shoe comes with synthetic lining and may not be liked by some consumers.
  • The shoe bottom may feel a bit too thin to wear for long hours of walk.

Product details

Heart and peace? To Katy Perry, it is not just an attitude; she wears them on her clothing as well. The Peace Sneaker, along with the Heart Sneaker, featuring Katy Perry’s signature hand signs, is among the first in her footwear line that the superstar launched early in 2017.

The shoe line definitely stands out with the superstar’s intentional storytelling style. But surprisingly to own the star’s bold and signature style won’t cost you an arm and a leg! The affordable prices range from $59 to $299. This particular Peace Sneaker is priced at $99.00 on the collection’s official website.

As the star’s first fashion line, the shoe is a brainchild of Katy Perry herself, stylist Johnny Wujek, who currently counts celebrities including Shakira, Kate Mara and Laura Marano as clients.and intensive strategy meetings at Global Brands’ offices.

For those consumers who have a playful attitude toward fashion and aren’t afraid to stand out, the shoe is a must to collect for 2017 new casual look.

The featured peace sign centered right on the top of the shoe follows you everywhere, and it talks too!.It is humorous and friendly as if the shoe has a personality.


The size comes from US size5 to size11 (approx equals to 8 5/8 inches to 10 5/8 inches).

Outsole / Midsole

The shoe comes in about synthetic sole with about 0.4” heel high. The stretchy bands on each side are for easily slipping on and off.


The upper features the graphic embellishment of half heart at toe cap—a statement hand sign of heart with red nails— on each of the shoes. Available in three colors, cherry red, white and black, each shoe looks just like a small piece of pop art, bold in style but carefully-arranged on its own.

The simple yet vibrant color with the expressive hand sign and a touch of red nails on top of the shoe together create a surprising wonder in each step.

When it comes to comfort, the upper uses beautiful nappa leather to pamper foot with fashion. Made from topmost layer skin, Nappa is widely used in shoes and accessories for its durable nature. Hence the shoe also needs to be cared for and cleaned properly, just like other leather shoes.

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