Converse Jack Purcell Jack Ox Canvas Sneaker

Converse Jack Purcell Jack Ox Canvas Sneaker
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  • A Converse sneaker with enhanced comfort and fancy style
  • It has nice arch support and thick rubber midsole
  • The shoe has a removable footbed for easy cleaning.
  • Lovable retro style.
  • The black leather one is a good buy if you are after a black look.
  • People get compliments from wearing these shoes.
  • Good walking shoe and good for all day wearing
  • For wearing in casual occasions and at work.
  • Logo embroidery on tongue


  • The sizing can be a bit confusing.
  • While the shoe is popular and comfy, the quality can be unstable sometimes. Some buyers received sneakers with rubber starting to pull away from the canvas on the sides where the shoe naturally bends when walking.
  • Some buyers received shoes that could be fake or in poor quality, or without the logo on the tongue.
  • Some users find these are not as good as the ones they had worn before.

Product details

If you are looking for a summer shoe in canvas or maybe a white look may be on your mind, then the Jack Purcell Jack Ox has what you need. To stand out in the hot competition, and among tons of similar canvas shoes, the Jack Purcell Jack Ox features a retro and fancier style, with more comfort features too. The shoe brings back the popular Jack Purcell style, classy especially with jeans, skinny jeans or cargo pants. Also, if you are concerned about looking big in some styles of shoes, some users find out these shoes at big sizes seem to look better than the Chuck Taylor.

Compared to Chuck Taylor, these shoes are more comfy with a slightly more expensive price. But to some people, there may still be a small disappointment if they are the long-time wearers of Jack Purcell shoes, as these shoes seem to feel not at the same quality as it used to be. However a majority of wearers still love its comfort and unique look!


With Converse shoes, sizing seems to be a mystery. Some feel the Jack Purcell sneaker runs larger and go about a half size down. Some find out they need to go with their normal sizes and going a half size down can be a bit tight. The leather ones may need a short break-in, but the leather stretches to fit the feet very well after that.


The shoe comes in several material for uppers to choose from, canvas, leather, and suede. For summer, the canvas one is the way to go. The only downfall is that the white one can get stained easily and need regular cleaning to maintain its looks.

Midsole/ outsole

The sneaker comes with removable insoles, a rubber-wrapped midsole and rubber outsoles. The removable insole makes the cleaning job easier. But some people find the white rubber outsole can get dirty easily and needs regular wiping.

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