Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Top Sneaker
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  • It is a very affordable, stylish comfy everyday shoe.
  • It is super versatile with anything in your closet, the shoe is good for casual and semi-formal occasions.
  • It is suitable for everyone and the whole family.
  • It is cute and looks better than the pictures show .
  • It is easy to clean the shoe and the style ages well.
  • Some wearers upgrade the shoes by inserting their own insoles.


  • The cotton canvas, especially the white one can get dirty easily in rain or in mud.
  • Some people with wider feet don’t feel too comfy in these shoes.
  • These shoes are comfy but don’t have much support or cushioning.
  • Some find the blue ones are a lighter color than they appear on the website.

Product details

The iconic Chuck Taylor high tops are generally comfy, easygoing sneakers and versatile for every walks of life. If you are after a slim canvas high top to look good on you, the Chuck Taylor may please you with its clean and neat look. By putting the design of the All Star logo on the heel, instead of the tongue, the shoe keeps a simple and tasteful look. It can look casual and can be sleek. The one shoe can fit in casual and semi-formal occasions. As many users find out, the black one, for example, can be worn just everywhere and at work too. It is also functional and some wear them as gym shoes, and some can wear them for weddings! In generally, these sneakers are good for kicking around but they are not the most supportive shoes either. It may not be an ideal candidate if you are thinking of a shoe for doing a lot of walking all day, or on your feet for long hours.

However, the Chuck Taylor is hard to go without with its timeless look and easygoing nature. Some users throw them in washing machine for easy cleaning ( and they are still in one piece, if you also like the slightly worn look); some improve their shoe by inserting other insoles. Amazingly, they transform their shoes into a cushy and cushioned Chuck Taylor.


The shoe is generally true to size. Some people feel the shoe slightly bigger but still comfy. Some people with narrow feet prefer going half size down, but some users with wider feet or who wish for a more comfy toe area may order a half size bigger. The shoe will break in after a few wears, but the canvas shoes generally do not stretch too much.


The shoe comes in a variety of colors in canvas uppers. These canvas shoes are breathable and suitable for warm weather. The shoe features signature rubber toe box, and Converse All Star heel patch. Most of the styles come in white shoelaces, and some styles have the shoelaces in the same colors with the canvas.

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