Camper Women’s Teal Blue Capas Fashion Sneaker

Camper Women's Teal Blue Capas Fashion Sneaker
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  • The shoe is amazingly comfy with fresh wearing sensation.
  • The shoe is very well-structured, light with good supportive system
  • The shoe’s canvas is waterproof so the feet stay dry when stepping in puddles
  • Users like the Camper Capas for its low-profile design look and great practicality.
  • The shoe is fun and a piece of good design work to wear and appreciate
  • It is not chunky and easily goes with daily clothing as well. People enjoying outdoor life can also keep their adventurous lifestyle with this light and stylish Camper footwear.
  • The shoe is easy to get on and off.
  • The shoe collars are tilted backwards for an angular look.


  • It sells very quickly. Not all the sizes are available all the time.
  • A bit pricey

Product details

The Camper women’s Capas sneaker first impressed its users with a causal, laidback designed look as a canvas sneaker. Then it strikes them with the fact that it is waterproof and supportive and so comfy when they put their feet in.

This shoe line highlights the three layers, which consumers can identify the shoe with easily, —a round toe shape, a textile upper, and a strongly textured outsole. The way the shoe is structured is so clever, it effortlessly combines a great look with awesome features of sports footwear in one. Many users love the concept of the well-built shoe that doesn’t wear its big brand name on the shoe, yet it is distinctive with a design character.

Outsole / midsole

The shoe comes with strongly textured rubber outsole. It is light and comfy, but also gives the feet most-needed secure fit and protection. The shoe comes with thick insole which is removable. Many people like it as they can replace it with other types of insoles, depending on what they would desire.


The shoe has two colors available, blue and black. The upper adopts cotton-based fabric with wax coating and technical fabric. It offers good breathability while it stays waterproof at the same time. Many buyers like the angled shoe collar as it makes their legs appear slimmer and longer when worn with leggings or skinny jeans. Around the bottom, the shoe is rimed with smooth rubber for a street style look and as a protection for the feet against water and hard surfaces. The shoe’s elastic laces and side zipper are handy to fit your feet the way you prefer.

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