Camper Women’s Right Nina Bootie Flat

Camper Women's Right Nina Bootie Flat
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  • The leather is soft as butter
  • The shoe is comfy and supports well with a barefoot-like sensation.
  • The shoe is light and durable.
  • It can be worn comfortably without socks.
  • It is a stylish and laidback sneaker with good quality shown.
  • It is very versatile with clothing.
  • It costs a bit but very worth it.


  • The sizing may put some people off
  • It looks nice when worn sock-less, but some people don’t feel too comfy in this shoe.
  • Some people find it is a bit hard to put the shoe on.

Product details

The unique look of the Right Nina Bootie Flat can be more versatile than it appears. It can creates sleek looks, or a causal and laidback mood, or just serve as a go-around-the town type of walking shoe. The shoe’s stretchable band on the heel is handy for putting it on and taking it off. It can go with trousers, with tight leggings, with shorts, with or without socks, with dresses, etc. Not to mention the comfort features brought by Camper. The shoe is sturdy and supportive. Some users with feet issue are also happily comfortable with the snug fit. The leather feels like butter and comfortable as a bedroom slipper according to a happy users It works perfectly for wearing all day in dry weather, given the low cut of the boot.

Though to some the shoe fits like a glove, some users struggled with the same snuggly feel. Their feet can feel the seam that runs across one side and it is a concern that after a while it may start rubbing against the feet.



Sizing is the major problem as the shoe runs small to many users. Wearers love the shoe but have trouble finding the correct size. Generally wearers are suggested to go up one to one-and-a half sizes bigger. These shoes also tend to fit snuggly as designed. A lady wears a 9-9.5; she ordered a 10. Another lady who wears an 8.5 – 9 ordered both a 39 and 40. The 40 gives a bit more zoom in the shoe, but the 39 fits her feet like a glove.

However, if buyers need to wear socks in this shoe, there may not be enough room. A user did go up one size, choosing 41 while she normally wore 40. The shoe fits her just right, without extra room for her to put on socks. She would need to go up one more size to put socks in.  


Upper /Midsole/ outsole

The upper uses soft leather with medium width in the front foot. The low heel retains the benefits of barefoot walking. The stretchable band on the heel is practical and modern. With this shoe users can walk for miles without the casual look of a traditional sneaker.

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