CAMPER Uno 21815 Sneakers Women

CAMPER Uno 21815 Sneakers Women
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  • They are very cute with a unique style.
  • The shoe is comfy for lots of walking and standing.
  • It adds an air of summer holiday leisure look to your style.
  • The round toe can accommodate wide feet nicely.
  • The featured 360º Stitching enhances the durability of the shoe.
  • It has a removable insole, easy for cleaning and replacement.
  • The price is comfortably affordable.


  • The shoe has a cushioned insole, but it may appear a bit flat for some wearers who need special arch support. Users can replace the insole with the one that suits them better if necessary.
  • It is not water proof; it is not idea to wear these shoes in rainy days or on wet grass.

Product details

The Camper Uno 21815 sport shoes are feminine and comfy with minimalist detailing, and are very versatile for what you have in the wardrobe. If you are looking for a pair of trendy, slim looking sneakers with reliable quality, the Uno 21815 has it. The sneakers are available in fresh colors, white, bright yellow, grey and black. These colors are essential and nice, and work beautifully for a youthful and leisurely urban style. The sneaker is made entirely of leather; durable and stretchy. The leather also gives a higher-end look than many canvas sneakers. These Uno sneakers certainly adds a uniqueness to your personal look.

To look after the leather shoe, wearers can apply waterproofing spray to protect the shoe from rain or walking into puddles on the street.



The shoe comes in EU sizes with medium width. The shoe is generally true to size. For users who feel that the toe room area is a bit tight, the shoe breaks in quite fast. The shoe lace can help support the feet nicely without getting too tight on the feet.



The shoe uses premium leather for the upper. It is smooth and stretchable for feet of various shapes. The shoe is joined beautifully with 360º stitching, making the shoe durable and longer lasting. As the shoe is made with premium materials, it is necessary to look after the shoes regularly to ensure the styles protected and last for a long time. Start first by wiping off dirt and grime with either a soft cloth or our Nubuck Box. Then clean and moisturize leather with specialized clean lotion..


Midsole/ outsole

The sneaker comes with a removable anatomical insole. The lining uses a mix of leather, fabric and cotton, creating a nice and smooth feel on the skin of the feet. The rubber outsole is light and grips well on different surfaces.

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