Camper Peu Cami Sneaker

Camper Peu Cami Sneaker
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  • Simple, classic style for both casual and more dressy wear
  • Shoes available in a variety of different colors and finishes
  • Designed ergonomically to fit the natural shape of the foot
  • Soft leather upper and flexible rubber sole for excellent comfort
  • >Available in both women’s and men’s sizes
  • Men’s sizes are generally true to size
  • Single elastic lace closure for easy slip-on wear


  • Some find these shoes less durable than other leather shoes
  • Women’s sizes tend to run small
  • Shoes provide minimal arch support

Product Details

The Camper Peu Cami Sneaker is a stylish casual leather shoe that wearers love for its lightweight comfort and versatility. Most people should have no trouble finding a pair that fits, but women will most likely need to go larger. The variety of colors and finishes make it easy to find a pair you like. The Peu Cami is comfortable for everyday wear and doesn’t require much breaking in, but may not be the most durable shoe.


Constructed of soft leather and designed to follow the form of the foot, the Peu Cami provides a snug, comfortable fit. They are also lightweight for a leather shoe, which adds to the comfort. As far as sizes go, men and women may have a different experience. The men’s sizes are true to size for most feet, and are roomy in the toe box for comfortable walking. Women’s sizes, on the other hand, tend to run small. Most women will probably need to go up a size to get a proper fit. Half sizes are not available. Also, some wearers find the shoes very snug in the heel, and may need to use a shoe horn.


The uppers of the Peu Cami are made of thin, supple leather with a leather and fabric lining that wicks moisture away from the foot. The knotted single elastic lace closure makes the shoes easy to slip on and off. The uppers come in a variety of colors, including neutral colors like black, brown, gray and beige, as well as brighter choices like red and green. Color selections vary for men’s and women’s models. The uppers are also available in both smooth leather and suede.

Insole and Outsole

The Peu Cami has a removable, leather-lined insole and a rubber outsole for comfortable walking. The outsole is attached to the upper with 360-degree stitching to reduce the use of adhesives. Most users find that the soles provide good traction, but some complain that they aren’t particularly durable.

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