Camper Men’s Peu Cami 17665 Fashion Sneaker

Camper Men's Peu Cami 17665 Fashion Sneaker
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  • The shoe is amazingly comfy and supports well with barefoot sensation.
  • The shoe is light and durable with a good rubber gripping bottom.
  • The shoe is fun and a pleasure to wear.
  • It is very versatile with clothing.
  • The shoe is easy to get on and off.
  • It costs a bit, but very worth it.
  • The shoe is a good design worth trying


  • Some buyers may not like flat foot bed and may need to replace it with other insoles.

Product details

Camper set up shop during the post-Franco regime. With that background, there was an appetite for doing things differently.

The classic Peu style includes various color combinations from the shoe’s lace, upper leather, bottom even to the stitches. A variety of choices are all for people in each walks of life to wear and enjoy!

Another secret of its popularity is the extreme comfort. The Peu Cami shoe features barefoot walk sensation. Many users are very amazed by this. It makes walking all day, even on very hard surfaces, a comfortable experience and helps them get rid of foot or back pains.

The shoe certainly can fit and add to the daily wear quite easily and stylishly. For people who love this type of the shoe, they often come back for second pair. A tip from experienced buyer is;try and find a bargain on Amazon as their price is often cheaper.

Size and fit

It is suggested to go one size up for this shoe, as it can be a bit narrow on the top and sides if users get the usual size. For instance, a customer with a size of 9-9.5 wide feet will need a 10. It also makes it easier to wear thin or thick socks. With time the leather shoe will fit and mold to the feet comfortably.

Outsole/ Midsole

The Peu Cami shoe features a rubber outsole modeled after the shape of the foot, with a silhouette that retains the benefits of barefoot walking. The foot bed is lightly-cushioned with replaceable insoles. Users who love the shoe, but not so much the flat foot bed, can easily replace it with the one they prefer.

The shoe’s stitching is one of the many details to make the shoe great. It looks cute, but also joins the outsole to the leather with 360º stitching to ensure greater durability with a long wear life. Most of all, the shoes don’t show scuff and heel wear marks easily.


The leather is of good quality and is not fussy. It comes with soft leather and fabric interior lining to help prevent abrasion.

The elastic shoelace and the zip makes the shoe easy to get on and off. For some users with foot problems, they can help as the stretchable shoelace can ease up in the bunion area which is crucial for them.




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