Birkenstock Womens Manitoba Sneaker

Birkenstock Womens Manitoba Sneaker
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  • Very good arch support
  • The sneaker looks young and stylish, unlike typical comfortable health-wear shoes.
  • Removable footbed
  • The shoe doesn’t look like a boat on your foot when extra orthotic is added.
  • Flexible sole
  • The feet feel good in the rounded toe box


  • Some users may not need particular foot support that Birkenstock shoe offers.

Product details

This closed-toe Manitoba has been recommended as a money worthy sneaker as it is stylish and comfy for users with foot issues. Some users have tried several brands, including Ecco, Easy spirit, and Naot, etc and found this Manitoba suits them best. This leather sneaker is well-made, having a soft padding collar and leather-lined interior to wrap the feet like a glove.

The sneaker is a typical Birkenstock shoe, with plenty room in toe area, but apparently the look helps the shoe become a big winner. For users, this is an all-in-one shoe. They wear the sneakers for walking, shopping and sightseeing.

Another highlight is the removable insoles. The depth of the sneakers provide adequate space to fit in a decent orthotic without having the feet look bulky. Some users with other issues like hip pains or back pains, can also do longer walking or standing in these shoes without feeling much pain. The shoe allows the feet to react better on different surfaces, like uneven ground, paved streets, cobblestone roads, etc.

Some wearers also happily used the shoes when doing a lot of walking on their Europe or New York trips.
Good news for its users, the Manitoba has released more colors beside the basic black and white. With several additions to the line such as blue and metallic Plutone, Metallic Cappuccino Luna, customers will be happy to have new looks in the summer.


The Manitoba sneaker comes in normal sizes. A wearer with a 39 Birkenstock sandal can also wear the same size of this sneaker. Some users with longer toes, or those prefer more room between their toes and the edge of the shoe chose to go one size up and it fits well too.


The shoe combines fine quality leather, suede and meshing for the upper for a clean and dynamic look. Users are happy with the padded collars as they support the ankle and don’t rub against or dig into heels as many others can.

The interior and the sole are lined in leather; the feet will stay comfy and breathable during long hours of activities.


The sneaker comes with the removable anatomically shaped original Birkenstock cork-latex footbed. It provides great comfort and support and a majority of users feel the changes brought by shoe. The sole is made from a flexible and lightweight EVA (ethyl vinyl acetate) in a contrasting color.

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