Birkenstock Bartlett Sneaker Leather

Birkenstock Bartlett Sneaker Leather
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  • The boot is very comfortable and trendy.
  • The feet can stay comfy in this fully closed-toe Birkenstock.
  • No need to worry about weather conditions or even the color of your toe nails!
  • The leather boots feel like a summer sandal inside.
  • The leather is of good quality and easy to maintain.
  • The insole is thinner and removable.
  • The leather uppers present great matte surfaces.


  • The boot costs a bit more than many¬†athletic shoes.
  • Some people are not used to the design of the footbed.

Product details

For wearers who enjoy Birkenstock shoes, the Bartlett is awesome as a fully closed-toe Birkenstock version of clogs or sandals. The colors includes basic black, brown to the lady’s white and reddish brown. The boot’s special footbeds come with suede lining and compared to classic type of footbed, it is a bit thinner, removable and thus allows for replacement of different insoles depending on each user’s need. A pull-tag on the heel makes the boot easy for wearing or hanging up anywhere you like. The boot is certainly good looking with trousers, legging , skirts or jeans.

As many users find out, the charm of good leather shoes is in the changing appearance. With continued use, the changes in the surface, such as a fine patina, creases and wrinkles become visible. There is also a so-called pull-up effect. This means that the color nuances of the leather depend on the type of stress it is exposed to.


The boots are generally true to sizes. The leather is very soft; but to some users, the back may take a short while to soften up.


The boot use leather which has a visible grain and naturally occurring color irregularities that are not removed in order to preserve the matte surface. The leather is soft and does not need breaking in.


The footbed is made from cork and latex with a soft suede lining, and like the classic footbed it offers great support. Unlike the classic footbed, it is slightly thinner to allow for space in the shoe and easily removable, so those with their own orthotics can also enjoy Birkenstock shoes. The soles give good traction to deal with various road surfaces.

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