Birkenstock Arran shoes

Birkenstock Arran shoes
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  • The closed-toe style sneaker is functional and stylish.
  • The sneaker has a firm and supportive sole.
  • The sneaker is also highly recommended by wearers with serious foot issues.
  • It is a good walking shoe.
  • The toes can spread comfortably in the shoes.
  • The shoe helps users maintain better posture.
  • It is good to wear with or without socks.
  • The shoe’s textile and leather upper are good for all year round wear.


  • The textile upper can be a bit stiff when the shoe is brand new. Some users feel the collar rubbing the back of the feet very hard when they wore the shoe for the first time.
  • Some users also felt the front part of the collar dig into the skin when they first put them on for a walk.
  • A user found the fit is shallow compared to the brand’s sandals and the cork footbed is too thin.

Product details

The Arran comes in leather and textile uppers. The textile ones have five colors to choose from, from basic white and black to the lovely red and green colors. Among them, white and green are the very sought after colors in Summer. If you like leather more, the leather Arran is soft, stretchable and very breathable, and not much expensive than the textile ones.

The sneaker features a contoured cork footbed and deep heel cup cushion and support. Many users with foot issues, or chronic plantar fasciitis, find the sneaker a keeper! A major of users feel the difference in the shoe as it helps promote better posture, circulation and an even weight distribution.

With the design of an enclosed-toe sneaker, wearers can wear the comfy shoes in casual occasions or at work too.


The sneakers are true to sizes. The shoe is snug enough that the feet do not slip in the shoe without pinch points or rub points. But to a few users, the textile one may need some breaking in.


The sneakers have two type of uppers, leather and textile. The laces can help adjust the upper for more comfort.


The sneaker has deep heel cups which cradle the heel and keep natural cushioning right under the calcaneus (also known as the heel bone). The design of raised toe bar encourages natural gripping motion of the feet, exercises the legs and stimulates

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