Adidas Skateboarding Seele

Adidas Skateboarding Seele
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  • The Seeley is comfy, stylish with sturdy feel and grip.
  • It goes well with any outfit, extremely hot with a pair of faded or solid black pants!
  • It is very durable. A user threw it in the washer and it still looked nearly new.
  • Buyers use them for various activities. Like mountain biking, city cycling or recreational tennis. The sole showed no signs of peeling.
  • Some find the traction of the shoe is very comforting.
  • Many mums also are happy with this durable shoe as their children love and wear them every day.
  • The colors tend to a bit deeper in real life than online. The navy and tan colors are more true to picture.
  • The black ones also clean up easily when they get covered with mud or sand.


  • It may not be suitable for uses demanding lots of arch support for the shoe. Some consumers use arch support products and find that they work perfectly with the shoe.
  • It may be a narrow fit in the front foot and it needs to be broken in, but it loosens up quickly.

Product details

The Seeley look features a mix of Adidas heritage and skate performance. This mens shoe is built for rugged wear and tear. It is not only for great rides on board, it is also a shoe to be enjoyed whether you are at work, on the bike, or on the go to the next class. The shoe, wearing a slim look in colors is the sort of shoe that gets compliments from others.

Size and fit

While so many users love the shoes unique and slim look, some also notice the shoe can be narrow and tight in the front. However, the shoe loosens up pretty easily, which is good news to the users who love the look so much and want the shoe despite the narrow fit. Many find the shoe fit best at 1/2 size bigger than their normal ones. To some the shoe may feel a bit flat, but some feel fine wearing the shoe at work when they are on their feet all day.

Outsole / midsole / upper

The collection of Seeley has a wide range of colors and prints to be appreciated in your everyday life. The shoe’s upper comes in choices of canvas, leather and suede. The smooth, abrasion-resistant upper can stand up to abuses. The vulcanized rubber outsole sticks to the board for great control. A lightly padded mid-top cut gives your feet better ankle protection and support. The Herringbone tread pattern also gives you the very needed grip in walking or biking.

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