Aadidas Skateboarding vs Adidas Originals

As users can feel from sorts of media campaign, Adidas Originals are usually the limited, vintage special types of shoes and clothing. They are usually designed for certain characters or styles.The brand has a distinctive retro feel, usually associated with classic or old school styles. This sets the major difference from Adidas, with the logo of a triangle mountain while Adidas Originals, as a subsidiary of Adidas, is marked with the logo of Trefoil logo.

Adidas Originals covers sports fashion styles with strong references to the period of time between the 1940s to 1980s.

For example, Superstar and Stan Smith. These are the two well-known names in the line of Adidas Originals. Stan Smith, inspired by the tennis player Stan Smith and first introduced in the 70’s, has come back from the court to the street and becomes one of Adidas’ most iconic sneakers. The other iconic sneaker, Superstar is launched in 1970. It has quickly become an essential for pro-level players.

Therefore unsurprisingly, you can find skateboarding shoes in Adidas Originals. As the company reworks skate shoes, nowadays it becomes a style seen on the street! These skateboarding shoes are certainly built with style and sport in mind.

Here are some of the Adidas skateboarding shoes and the characters behind.

BUSENITZ PRO SHOES Designed in collaboration with pro skater Dennis Busenitz, who is known for his aggressive all-terrain style.
BUSENITZ VULC ADV SHOES The vulcanized shoes endorsed by pro skater Dennis Busenitz
SUCIU ADV SHOES Built to the specs of Mark Suciu’s technical yet effortless skating
LUCAS PREMIERE ADV SHOES Board feel meets protection in these signature Lucas Puig skate shoes.
MATCHCOURT MID ADV SHOES Back in the day when there were no skate shoes, skaters would ride in whatever offered the best protection, flex and board feel.
MATCHCOURT MID SHOES Styled after tennis sneakers, these men’s mid-cut shoes remake the old-school design for skateboarding performance.
Stan Smith Skateboarding shoes The vulc skate shoe inspired by the iconic Stan Smith sneaker

The skateboarding shoes come not just with styles and characters, they are reinforced for durability and flexibility for performance!


GEOFIT™:GEOFIT™ enhances fit and comfort by placing padding in anatomically correct areas. The skater will feel a snug fit, increased comfort, and an enhanced sense of security and stability. The improved skate shoe fit results in greater response and board control while skating. GEOFIT™ is a favorite among adidas Skateboarding pros, like Mark Suciu and Dennis Busenitz, whose pro model shoes are constructed with the GEOFIT™ technology.

ADIPRENE+®: ADIPRENE+® is an absorbent that provides soft cushioning. It is placed under the skateboarding shoe heel, where it can alleviate impact and soften landings. So whether one is skating stairs or backyard pools, ADIPRENE+® insoles provide the support and impact protection and keep the session the going. ADIPRENE+® is featured in the Suciu ADV and Superstar Vulc ADV.

ADITUFF™: ADITUFF™ is an internal material provides long-lasting durability for the extreme abrasion that occurs while skating, therefore extending the longevity of the shoe. Due to the increased durability, the skate shoe can withstand a beating everywhere between the street and skatepark. ADITUFF™ construction can be found in adidas Skateboarding shoes such as the Busenitz Vulc, Lucas Premiere, and Adi-Ease Premiere.

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